Cinematic Male Model Photo Retouch

Sometimes even a casual photograph can become something emotive and expressive.  I took this image of my close friend Ryan while on a trip to Atlanta. We were exploring the Candler Estate - home of one of the more eccentric progeny of the Coca Cola dynasty who at one point owned a private zoo complete with a menagerie of exotic birds, a Bengal tiger and even four full grown elephants ironically named Coca, Cola, Refreshing, and Delicious! With the light at this point in the afternoon being soft open shade, I fired off a single exposure of Ryan.  I had a good feeling about it and when I got home I set about to bring something else to it visually. He has spent most of his life traveling the country, constantly on the move. He has seen a parts of America that most common citizens like you and I don't care to, or don't have the time to see.  I wanted to let these experiences show in his face, in his eyes.  This is how I see my friend, with a quiet and honest reserve.

At HeavyTheory I work with clients to bring something rare and defining to their imagery.  My job is to go beyond what a digital sensor or a silver halide negative can capture, and to show something that we can all feel, the reason we capture these images in the first place.