Mike Carroll and HeavyTheory for ScanSource


Once again HeavyTheory has teamed up with Mike Carroll Photography -  this time to create a dramatic series of images for ScanSource, a POS and barcoding company.  The common visual theme of this series is a bright orange source of light emanating from a number of devices such as smart phones and speaker phones. Click the image above to see the final effect complete with the client's copy and dark vignette.

Slappa Catalog Retouched by HeavyTheory

New Slappa Catalog and Image Campaign Retouched by HeavyTheory Full

When Slappa, an internationally trusted brand for specialty custom gear for active gamers and jet setting dj's was set to release their new line of high end gear, they called on Peter Taylor Photography, Moss Creative, and HeavyTheory to create a stunning new catalog to highlight all the new gear. Slappa needed five dynamic concepts to appeal to a wide variety of customers. Planning for such a comprehensive release required extensive pre-visualization which Moss Creative worked tirelessly to produce. Since such a high level of detailed planning was achieved before initial photography began, each shot went without a snag. Five very different locations were chosen and high dynamic range images were captured by Peter Taylor Photography and served as backdrops for our final images. In some instances every shot of the scene, product, and models took place on location. In others we chose to capture several components in a studio setting and match them to our backgrounds. HeavyTheory was tasked with the responsibilities of maintaining continuity of lighting and accurate positioning of our models and products as well as compiling every image together. In some cases as many as thirty separate shots went into achieving a final image. When the dust had cleared and every pixel pushed into place, Slappa released it's new catalog which is now being shipped all over the states as well as Europe and China.

Team Building Photo Manipulation

Team Building Photo Manipulation

This is a composite photo manipulation of several photographs taken by  Mike Carroll Photography for a national client. The players were captured in three groups in the studio, while the tunnel was photographed on location. And what could be more believable than recruiting an actual football team? That's just what Mike did. The client's concept was to represent an intense sense of camaraderie and determination for a team building campaign. These team members are ready to exit onto the field and conquer the task at hand. My job is to work with photographers and art directors to interpret their concepts into a strong image that reads well and get's the point across. Communication with the client, transparency, and dedication to each and every image is what HeavyTheory is all about.

Cinematic Male Model Photo Retouch

Sometimes even a casual photograph can become something emotive and expressive.  I took this image of my close friend Ryan while on a trip to Atlanta. We were exploring the Candler Estate - home of one of the more eccentric progeny of the Coca Cola dynasty who at one point owned a private zoo complete with a menagerie of exotic birds, a Bengal tiger and even four full grown elephants ironically named Coca, Cola, Refreshing, and Delicious! With the light at this point in the afternoon being soft open shade, I fired off a single exposure of Ryan.  I had a good feeling about it and when I got home I set about to bring something else to it visually. He has spent most of his life traveling the country, constantly on the move. He has seen a parts of America that most common citizens like you and I don't care to, or don't have the time to see.  I wanted to let these experiences show in his face, in his eyes.  This is how I see my friend, with a quiet and honest reserve.

At HeavyTheory I work with clients to bring something rare and defining to their imagery.  My job is to go beyond what a digital sensor or a silver halide negative can capture, and to show something that we can all feel, the reason we capture these images in the first place.