People of Reddit! Help Me Create Something Great and I will Share it with You!

I have devoted most of 2013 to developing a large and diverse set of  presets for Lightroom and Camera RAW and have had a great time doing so. I hope that this product will fill a few gaps in that market.  This pack will include versatile black and white presets, HDR treatments, retro effects, sets devoted to studio work as well as available light,  and even some experimental presets that can help achieve some interesting effects. There will also be a large collection of presets made specifically to work on video within Photoshop CC inside smart objects.

Until now I have been using mostly my own personal images as references as well as that of a few fellow photographers. I've had wonderful results but I've come to realize that I need to pull from a larger cross section of the photographic community. I need to work with as many tonal and color palletes as possible.  I want this release to work for photographers as well as retouchers and designers and to encompass as many styles of expression as possible, while remaining well rounded

For this reason I am taking this opportunity to reach out to the Reddit community for help. I'm asking Redditors to submit their own photography for this purpose. The genres I am mainly interested in are as follows...  Fashion - Automotive - Wedding - Editorial - Kids - Landscape - Architectural - Nature - Sports - Wildlife - Portrait - Conceptual - Fine Art.  If you have an interesting image that doesn't quite fit into either of these categories, send it anyway!

For the first 100 Redditors to send a serviceable RAW image that either fits into one of these genres or represents one not mentioned here, I will be giving a full copy of the final product and these people will receive significant breaks on any future releases. For all images received I may consider using them on my blog in a section on my blog I plan on creating entitled "Heavy Redditors". If I choose to use your image I will contact you and get your express permission first. Also, all of Reddit will get a huge price break on the final product.

Send all attachments, links, or FTP sites to With all submissions please include contact information such as your username on Reddit and optionally your real name, links to your work, and anything else that would help me contact or promote you.  I do not need phone numbers, addresses, or any personal information. And of course, I will not claim any rights to your images in any way. I will not share or transmit them in any other way than what I have mentioned in this post. Please only share with me images that you own exclusive rights to.

I'm really looking forward to making something great for the world of photography with the help of all of you lovely people. Cheers.